powered by the apocalypse – Difficulty or penalty in KULT: Divinity Lost tests

Should the GM set a difficulty (a penalty) for player moves, in the form of Move(2d10) + Attribute - Penalty?

I’m asking because, despite for Endure Injury move, this is not clear in the book, but it seems reasonable to set a penalty when the situation is clearly disadvantageous for the player characters.

For example, when a PC Engage in Combat against a group of two or more people, without any backup, should the GM ask for a roll with a -1 (or even greater) penalty?

e.g. Attack when in a minor number

roll Engage in Combat + Violence - 1

The contrary also applies, to add a bonus when the players have the situation to their advantage.

e.g. Attack when the opponent is dizzy

roll Engage in Combat + Violence + 1

This would make a huge difference for Keep it Together move, where an extreme situation (e.g. seeing a being from another reality) would be much harder to succeed than from a more common one (e.g. looking at a corpse).