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We are HostSlick. Existing since the beginning of 2011, we have almost 8 years of experience in the accommodation sector and we count!
Our goals are to offer our guests a unique experience and to offer the best and most reliable affordable accommodations.
We currently offer very cheap special offers, limited in stock.

WHY HostSlick

– We have a long 8 years experience in the market
– All nodes with two Intel XEON E5 processors or higher, as well as RAID10 and SSD arrays!
– Easy to use dashboards: cPanel, Virtualizor and SolusVM
– Flexibility – You can upgrade / downgrade at any time. Custom quotes possible
– Wide range of accepted payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin and more!
– Registered company and subject to VAT
– We are professionals and not amateurs like the majority
– Assistance in English and German. Always available for you.
– Own IP and ASN subnets – Abuses are directly managed by us – DMCA ignored
– Up go 1.6 Tbps DDos Protection of Voxility and Corero SmartWalls.
– Additional IP on request at any time!
– We colocalize with data centers and own all our equipment.
… MUCH more reasons

How can HostSlick provide such offers?

As already mentioned, we are collocating our own material in a CD in Lelystad, NL. Since we build the servers ourselves, we have good configurations to serve you. This allows you to offer these prices.

Lelystad, Netherlands

Data center

The Datacenter is the Lelystad TV Tower in the Netherlands. The servers are located in the tower. Above 70 meters above the ground, we colocalize in this data center where we have our equipment (images of the racks can be provided). We offer VPS and Dedis there.

1 heart (E5-2650v2)
512 MB of RAM
250 GB of traffic
Port 1 Gbps
Voxility DDoS Protection
KVM Virtualization: $ 20 / year
OpenVZ Virtualization: $ 13.99 / year

1 heart (E5-2650v2)
1 GB of RAM
35 GB SSD,
500 GB of traffic
Port 1 Gbps
Voxility DDoS Protection
Order KVM Virtualization: $ 30 / year * Click *
Order OpenVZ Virtualization: $ 18 / year * Click *

2 hearts (E5-2650v2)
2 GB of RAM
1 TB of traffic
Port 1 Gbps
Voxility DDoS Protection
Order KVM Virtualization: $ 40 / year * Click *
OpenVZ Virtualization $ 25 / year * Click *

2 hearts (E5-2650v2)
4 GB of RAM
5 TB of traffic
Port 1 Gbps
Voxility DDoS Protection
KVM Virtualization: $ 50 / year
OpenVZ Virtualization: $ 39 / year

What is the difference between KVM and OpenVZ?

KVM is a true virtualization in which the VPS functions as its own server, independently of the host node. OpenVZ is a virtualization container style that relies on the kernel of the host node. KVM does not impose any restrictions in terms of functionality, but its load is greater than that of OpenVZ. OpenVZ is constrained by the kernel of the host node, but its load is less important in the containers themselves. KVM is usually more stable than OpenVZ.

OpenVZ is a virtualization technology in which the container (VPS) relies on the kernel of the host node. OpenVZ uses only one fixed Linux kernel and can only work under Linux. All containers share the same architecture and kernel version. However, since it does not have the overhead of a true hypervisor, it is very fast and efficient.

KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) is a complete virtualization. Virtually any operating system that can be installed from an ISO is supported. Each guest (VPS) has its own kernel and no restrictions in terms of functionality; With KVM, you can run multiple virtual machines running unmodified Linux or Windows images. Each virtual machine has a private virtualized hardware: a network card, a disk, a graphics card, and so on.

Terms of use

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Everything else
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Uncertain? You just have to ask.

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