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Join FxNet affiliates and take a share of the trillion dollar market that's currency trading. The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, having reached daily volumes of more than 4 trillion dollars in recent years and still rising! Be part of the main financial market.

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Whether it is existing Forex companies or future and future entrepreneurs, we believe that for the following reasons, FxNet is the ideal partner for you:

Competitive discounts and white label solutions
Monitoring and real-time monitoring of your customers and your income
Total transparency on your income
Wide range of creative tools and marketing
Website development and SEO support
Quick account opening for affiliates and customers
Professional marketing support
High conversion rates, clicks to activations registrations
SimpleTrader – Promote the industry's most user-friendly trading platform and enjoy higher conversions
Represent a regulated broker by the EU

variety of partnerships

At FxNet, we want to help you help us. For all the solutions below, our team of marketing professionals will be at your disposal to assist you, whether in custom creations, website development or SEO assistance. Find below ways to collaborate with FxNet and start maximizing your potential revenue:

Introduction to brokers (IB)
The FxNet IB partnership is for individuals or organizations who wish to generate revenue through the promotion of FxNet by any means online / offline. Our IB program comes with the most competitive glitch repayment rates on the market and bespoke solutions are always available upon request to help you get the optimal return from your client portfolio.

Web Masters (Affiliates)
Promote FxNet on your website and get paid for the trading activities of your new customers! All Web Masters are welcome and anyone with a website can become an affiliate, regardless of the subject of the site. We will be there to help you in any way possible to drive traffic to your site.

White mark
Create your own business without risk! Lock in with FxNet and promote our company under your own brand and benefit from our comprehensive technical and marketing support for you and your customers. As a FxNet White Label Partner, you will have the opportunity to use our complete turnkey solution as a Forex broker, which will leave you the task of marketing your website. No financial or operational skills required – simply place your own brand on FxNet and start driving traffic to your website. Start today by signing up for a white label solution.

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