Prevent Nautilus / Nemo from creating a .Trash-1000 folder in mounted devices

Nautilus and Nemo both create hidden folders called .Trash-1000 in any device mounted, apparently to manage their Trash folder. This creates great confusion in network drives mounted by other users, likely to use other operating systems or programs that do not recognize this folder as a recycle bin.

In addition, this folder expands with the number of deleted files and can not be deleted from Ubuntu:

$ sudo rm -rf ./.Trash-1000
rm: Unable to delete ./. Trash-1000 / files: directory not empty

To free up space in such volumes, the .Trash-1000 folder must be deleted from another system.

Is there a way to prevent Nemo or Nautilus from creating this folder on network drives? Of course, I just can not use them, but they are practical in many situations.