Prime ‘1Lit’ Domain Names and Social Media Accounts. The Perfect Brand!

Why are you selling this site? busy with other projects

How is it monetized? Google Adsense ads and affiliate links

Does this site come with any social media accounts? Price includes regularly-updated ‘@1Lit’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

How much time does this site take to run? Varies, depending on frequency of updates

What challenges are there with running this site? None

Extremely rare 4 character .com /!

For Sale: &

Sites Established: 1999

Traffic statistics: Over 40 million hits since 1999. Now c. 5,000 unique visitors a month.

Source of traffic: In the ‘noughties’ hosted a tremendously popular literary ezine which ran for several years. A European ezine ran at With over 60,000 loyal subscribers, the domains had hundreds of sites linking to them because of their award-winning content. Some of the links are still there.

Additional Information: Arts/Literature is often the top category in most directories and, because our domains begin with a ‘1’ they are usually listed at the very top of this section!

The 1Lit domain names are extremely valuable for this reason: most surfers click on the very top site. Domain names beginning with a ‘1’ have a huge advantage over other sites.

Copyright status: Copyright of text and images passes to purchaser of the business.

Asking price: We have reduced the price and are selling the business, which includes the domain names, back-issues of the ezines, logos, professionally-designed banners and scores of mature, ‘aged’ links to them from all over the web. Now only $3,950 all inclusive.

Further details: see

– Literary social media accounts option also available

– and also available

– Price recently reduced for quick sale!

– Buy now before it is too late