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I know that many of you are turning and circling mysql to the point of being relocated and by all kinds of adjustments that sometimes break you. Please wait here by sharing your knowledge with the wht community as it improves and is good for you.

I have a 6x centos machine with an old type configuration, something like mysql-5.0.91, it worked well with a good apache life but i needed to
inject my mysql databases for my scripts to bring life, so I had the idea of ​​an exchange
the whole mysql file to var / lib / mysql from a centos 5 backup, the final result being mysqld not restarting and apache not restarting so dear friends, i traded the same way but using folders empty with the same architecture restarted and voila mysqld has restarted well and all the folders have appeared with files inside, and even mysql.sock appeared with all necessary permissions except the first mysql folder which appeared with xxxx authorization. the situation please provide help and please solve survey only if you are mysql is not for MariaDB, tell us if you are about to become a professional mysql and pro MySQL or if you are mysql nightmares and share your events with mysql