problem gm – My general manager creates situations that I think ruin my experience

It sounds a little hard, but let me explain.

We have been playing for a few years in this group. We really enjoy ourselves, but lately, I have noticed a recurring factor that is affecting my player experience. Basically, they seem to create situations that will constantly make the game a difficult one.

For example, the GM can suggest a scenario and then leave it as a cliff, which gives us some time to develop a plan of attack and discuss it during the coming week. He is part of the focus group. we do not want to be rude.

However, when we develop what we believe to be a good plan, the situation always has a twist or something that makes everything go wrong, which leaves us to abandon the plan and manage the situation as it unfolds. .

Another recurring problem is that the GM will make every effort to talk about our progress in situations beyond our control. A recent example of this is that we have tried to extract information from a captive. They did not cooperate when we used persuasion, but before we could use intimidation, we were engaged in a fight. By the time we were able to return, the captive had killed himself with a cyanide pill, leaving us stuck.

At this point, I'm starting to think that I should stop contributing so that my plans can not be used against me.

In addition to all this, I also have problems upgrading – I will upgrade my PC, to no longer be mastered by new enemies, sometimes recurring. This causes in particular a "treadmill effect".

As a player, I want to talk to my general manager about managing this problem. I understand that he wants to create stimulating scenarios for us, but at this point, as I said, the struggle is difficult. What suggestions could I be able to provide in order to reach a common ground between us?