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Recently, I discovered that Spamhaus was no longer responding to deletion requests regarding EDROP entries.
Spamhaus seems to have the power to destroy entire hosting companies and does not even have a good footprint on its website.
They are totally anonymous and are hiding out of the EU in Switzerland.
This guy named Thomas Morrison, who is obviously not his real name, does what he wants.
Why is there no opposition between hosts about this organization?
Is it normal for just one organization to have so much power?

Sweden has sent us this message a few months ago regarding Spamhaus:

"We know that SPAMhaus is very close to a terrorist organization, they assume that this is not a fact and that there is no way to fight them. They make the operators sing so that they do what they want, they are also anonymous, they do not reveal who they are, so you never know who you are talking to. We are just waiting for the day when they will start blocking IPs / Blocks because of the opinions they do not like.
They are already blocking out of the scope of their mission statement.
They do not follow their own written practices / rules / guidelines.

// support from Fredrik @ PRQ

We host anything as long as it is not spam or child pornography! "