Provide a high quality proofreading of your work 2500 words for $ 5

Provide a high quality proofreading of your work (2500 words)

What do you get with this offer? I am a top-level proofreader, qualified through the Training Center for Publishing. I have a note in English Literature and Language and a high level of accuracy.

The majority of the documents I receive are created in Microsoft Word and I usually modify using the "track changes" feature. If you are not aware of this, I can point out each amendment, but I would charge £ 2 more per hour for that, because it takes longer.

I also ask for an extra £ 2 an hour if English is not your first language and you have trouble mastering it because I will make sure that your work is logical and that it can take a long time. some time in some cases.

NOTE: Please, do not buy my hourly wage if you are on an urgent deadline without having double checked my availability.

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