publishing – ID@Xbox response delayed during Project Reunion push – is something up?

So recently I have resubmitted a game I’m developing for a second evaluation with ID@Xbox and have cleared and answered all the questions, informed them of updates and fixes so that I can give them the best experience I can etc. However, in the time since the first evaluation and after submitting for a second look Microsoft has started to push its Project Reunion even more than before. This has led to four concerns:

  1. I have not yet received a response and it has been at least one week since the usual 15-day estimation.
  2. Rumors have started to circulate of an Xbox component during MSBuild 2021.
  3. The timing of my concern is also close to the next update on Xbox GameStack.
  4. And of course there’s the whole Project Reunion thing, as I just mentioned.

Granted, I have already given them two passes on the schedule considering the recent GDC online showcase and the Easter holiday; however my records indicate that my first, declined version of the game received its determination on the stated schedule. So I’m left to wonder if anyone else has noticed or experienced any of these events, or if it’s just me, or if there’s something legitimately going on at Xbox that can explain the unusual nature of my situation.