python 3.x – Pizza ordering system

Is there any room for improvements in this code. I am new to programming (python3), learning and practicing functions related to arguments recently.

def make_pizza(*toppings, **pizza_info):

    """Creating a dictionary for pizza information"""
    pizza = {}

    pizza_toppings = (topping for topping in toppings)
    pizza('toppings') = pizza_toppings

    for key, value in pizza_info.items():
        pizza(key) = value

    return pizza

def show_pizza(pizza):

    """Showing the order with the information provided by make_pizza() function."""

    print("You've ordered " + str(pizza('size')) + " inches size " + pizza(
        'crust').title() + " crust pizza with the toppings of:")

    for topping in pizza('toppings'):
        print("-" + topping.title())

# Taking order in a form of dictionary structure 
order = make_pizza('cheese', 'mushroom', size=12, crust='thin')

# Show the order message