python – Guess the number Feedback Please

I started learning Python these days and made my first code. Guess_The_Number and I would like some comments to improve or if I am on the right track. Thank you very much in advance
P.s: I am trying to create my own function.

def guess_number (answer):
    trys = 0
    while trys < 5:
        guessing = int(input("Your guessing is? "))
        if guessing == answer:
            print ("Yes!! it's Right!!")
        elif guessing < answer:
            print ("Big")
        elif guessing > answer:
            print ("smaller")
        trys = trys+1
    if trys == 5:
        print("WoW, your trys are over  , try again!!")
        print("The number was ", answer)
print("Welcome to guess the number!!")
print("You have 5 trys to guess the number")
print("Good Luck!!")
print("I'm thiking in a number from 0 to 100")
import random
num_right = random.randint(0,100)