python – How can I import the wxpython module into spyder?

I want to execute a code created by myself from my USB key, written in python (wxpython).

Before running this code, I wanted to check if I could run a wxpython code on spyder. So I wrote a simple wxpython code:

import wxpython

app = wx.App (False)
frame = wx.Frame (None, wx.ID_ANY, "Hello World")
frame.Show (True)

app.MainLoop ()

I have run the code, but I have got the following items in the console:

  File "/ home / polaris / spyder / moana / Date and", line 2, in 
    import wxpython

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named & # 39; wxpython & # 39;

I have run it a few times, but I still have the same mistake. Then I tried to update Spyder in the terminal, hoping to be able to fix the problem with an update. But that did not help.

I have a Linux computer and Spyder 3.2.6 software (python 3.6).

Does anyone know how I can import the wxpython module?

Thank you.