python – how to manage modules and contents in python3?

I uninstalled my MacOS because all the problems I encountered while installing kivy / pyqt / and stuffs were causing me a problem. I have it installed via a terminal, but the IDLE has never recognized it. I could not learn anything, but simply fix those location errors. Then I installed Ubuntu as the main boot and available only. It's much simpler to manage than before because I've installed very few things. But still, I get many types of Module / Import errors. My question is … "Is there a way to manage my python installation in a more organized way?" … It would be very useful because I wanted to try a modern graphical interface such as kivy / pyqt5 / electronJS for my upcoming school projects. But I think I'll finish with tkinter because I could not install these things. I also get an SSL error with pip3 (or using pip with python3) to install matplotlib in some tkinter examples.