python – I'm looking for someone on who to look at this adventure game code in text

I am just looking for someone to test this and see if everything works, then you go.
I must mention that once you start this code adventure, all the answers to the questions should be in single quotes (& # 39;) and lowercase.

import time
articles = ['backpack','deagle','stick','mushrooms']
stupid = 0
backpack = 0
disable = 0
stick = 0
def game ():
def house ():
print ("You come home slowly, you almost cry because you are a baby")
print ("You look around the building, there is a selection of objects on the floor, a stick, a backpack and a devil with 100 cartridges next to it.Oh, and we do not forget some mushrooms will be picked up and you will eat them immediately. ")
print ("What do you want to do now?")
items1 ()
def evendeeperhouse ():
print ("yeet")
def deeperhouse ():
stupid world
global dégle
global stick
print ("You see a hole in the wall near the back of the house, do you want to go inside?[y/n]")
print ("Should we cross the hole in the wall, or go out with the unknown figure that crawls behind you?")
ch5 = str (input ("Do you enter? [(enter)y/(pass)n]"))
if ch5 in ['y']:
print ("* QUICK NOISES * You run through the hole as fast as you can.You can hear the other slam on a metal bar while he tries to follow you.What are you doing?"
so stupid> 4:
print ("Your stupid level is" stupid ", so you manage to hit your head crossing the hole on a human scale, congratulations, you are now even more stupid ... Unfortunately, you've escaped deeper into the house, Stupid + 4 ")
stupid + = 4
evendeeperhouse ()
print ("you now have a small selection of choices")
ch6 = str (input ("Do you want to use an element? or nah? [stick",stick,",deagle",deagle,"/(keep running)n]"))
if ch6 in ['deagle']:
print ("You turn around and shoot 72 bullets in the be, as you examine the remaining rags, you realize that you recognize the face, then you realize that this guy is not holding a metal bar and that he is not looking. he's wearing a uniform, oh man, you're killing a cop, well done, now they're going to let you die here, but maybe his vehicle is still here, you keep going. ")
time.sleep (3)
if ch6 in ['stick']:
print ("you turn around and you stab it to be, you hardly push it back as you head towards the deepest house")
print ("The tunnel collapses behind you, hope you'll never see that creature again.")

print ("You decide to turn away from the hole and end up engaging in conversation with this creature.You end up finding a game of chess, playing, talking about everyone and nothing, and you learn that they wanted just that someone plays a game with, wow, fascinating, it's a shame that you were defeating a chess killer, you should let him win. ")
time.summer (.5)
print ("Achievement Get!")
time.summer (.5)
print ("Metal bar lodged in the spine")
time.summer (.5)
print ("Should we let him win ... * sigh *")
time.sleep (2)
def foresttrail ():
print ("You leave the house with a backpack, congratulations, you will probably die here." You can see two other buildings in front of you, they are in a much worse state, there is a flashlight on the ground too, that do you get it? ")
def items1 ():
global elements
global dégle
global backpack
global stick
stupid world
for x in the interval (4):
ch4 = str (input ("Type what you would like to take, or say no to continue as a good little boy. [Deagle/Stick/Backpack/Mushrooms/N]"))
if "backpack" in ch4:
backpack + = 1
print ("okay, you have a thug bag now, what would you like to steal?")
print ch4
print backpack
if "deagle" in ch4:
disable + = 1

so stupid> 0:
print ("okay, you now have an illegal loaded gun, you have a stupid level of" stupid ", you're sure to know how to use it? & # 39;)
print ("You have a weapon, congratulations, do not get shot.")
print ch4
if "paste" in ch4:
stick + = 1
print ("agree, you have a stick now, in your case it's better than the gun.")
print ch4
printing stick

if "mushrooms" in ch4:
stupid + = 3
print ("okay, you've eaten mushrooms, now you're 3 times stupider, congratulations ... Stupid +3")
print ch4
stupid impression
if not in the items:
stupid + = 1
print ("this is not a valid choice." Silly +1 ")

if & # 39; inv ch4:
stupid + 3
print ("In one way or another, you manage to drop everything you just picked up and decide to leave.")
stick == 0
disable == 0
backpack == 0

print ("Narrator-No? NO?!?! you just REFUSE !! * Thunder Cracks while a big storm has appeared on the outside * * The voice is sinister * You made a mistake, Move Along. ")
print ("will probably die tbh")
foresttrail ()
deeperhouse ()

# game function
print ("~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~")
print ("Welcome to text-based adventure!")
print ("~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~")
disable == 0
backpack == 0
stick == 0
stupid == 0

time.sleep (1.5)

print ("You walk on a forest path among dense tree stands, before you see a clearing, you will see the path going south to the clearing and in the clearing you will find a small hut. about 6 feet in height. ")
ch1 = str (input ("Are you heading to the trail (y)? I think you should go to the trail [y/y]: "))
if ch1 in ['y', 'Y']:
print ("Sorry my heart, the trail is filled with wolves, you're dead.")

# NOT tracked
print ("You decide to go see the house first, how dare you defy me, you'll pay later.")

print ("Should I knock on the door or go?")
ch2 = str (input ("Do you hit? [(knock)y/(pass)n]"))
if ch2 in ['y', 'Y']:
print ("BangBangBang." You knock on the door, but even if someone was at home, your weak arms did not make enough noise to hear you.The door is not closed. you open it and commit a crime? ")
print ("You slowly get away from home because you're too scared, luckily for you, a car gets to stop, oh no! they can not stop because of the mud, they slam on you and you die of effect, shame. ")
hour (1)
ch3 = str (input ("Are you entering? [y/n]"))
if ch3 in ['y', 'Y']:
elif ch3 in ['n','N']:
print ("You slowly get away from home because you're too scared, luckily for you, a car gets to stop, oh no! they can not stop because of the mud, they slam on you and you die of effect, pity that it ends so, well, for you, I laugh. ")