Python-keycloak error assign_client_role () – Stack overflow

I use the keycloak python API to assign user roles. Here is the code:

from keycloak import KeycloakAdmin
# establish a connection
admin = KeycloakAdmin (server_url = "https: //xxx.xx.xx/auth/",
username = "xx",
password = "xxx",
domain_name = "xxx-xxx",
verify = True)
# get a user ID via a user name
userID = admin.get_user_id (self.userName)
# assign a user role
admin.assign_client_role (client_id = "client_id",
user_id = userID,
#role_id = "role_id",
role_name = "test")

the to make the connection and Get the user ID via the user name a part is successful. But assign_client_role () gives me an error:

TypeError: assign_client_role () received an unexpected keyword argument, "role_name"

It seems that the arguments do not match those defined in the function. My code refers to the example of this site.
Could someone tell me how to fix it?