Python – Multi-indexes a pandas database with one-column values

I have a dataframe that looks like this:

column1   column2   column3   column4
P1        D1        T1        1.0
P1        D1        T2        2.0
P1        D2        T1        3.0
P1        D2        T2        4.0
P2        D1        T1        5.0
P2        D1        T2        6.0
P2        D2        T1        7.0
P2        D2        T2        8.0

And I would multi-index the columns by the value in column2 and column3. it should look like that

column1   column4
          D1                  D2
          T1        T2        T1        T2
P1        1.0       2.0       3.0       4.0
P2        5.0       6.0       7.0       8.0