python – Timer convenience class to time code execution for user output

I implemented a convenience class to time code execution and print it to the user. This is part of a bigger project that will be distributed to external users. I was interested in implementing this myself, so I’m not looking for an external module or similiar. Docstrings are omitted here, the functions are rather straightforward.

from time import perf_counter

class Timer:
    def __init__(self, default_round_digits: int = 5):
        self.default_digits = default_round_digits

    def start_timer(self) -> None:
        self.start_time = perf_counter()
        self.pause_start_time = None
        self.pause_length = 0

    def pause_timer(self) -> None:
        self.pause_start_time = perf_counter()

    def resume_timer(self) -> None:
        if self.pause_start_time is not None:
            self.pause_length += perf_counter() - self.pause_start_time
            self.pause_start_time = None

    def elapsed_seconds(self) -> float:
        # If timer is paused only consider time up to self.pause_start_time instead of now
        if self.pause_start_time is not None:
            return self.pause_start_time - self.start_time - self.pause_length
            return perf_counter() - self.start_time - self.pause_length

    def get_timer(self, round_digits: int = None, print_text: str = None, restart: bool = False) -> float:

        if round_digits is None:
            round_digits = self.default_digits

        elapsed_seconds = round(self.elapsed_seconds, ndigits=round_digits)

        if print_text is not None:
            print(f"{print_text}{elapsed_seconds} seconds")

        if restart:

        return elapsed_seconds

    def __str__(self) -> str:
        state = "Running" if self.pause_start_time is None else "Paused"
        return f"{state} Timer at {self.get_timer()} seconds"

I’m still unsure about initializing attributes outside of __init__. I know it’s not recommended, but copying start_timer into __init__ seemed like the worse option to me.