Question about performance-based SEO services

My company develops educational software that we sell on our website.
The traffic on our site is very low, despite our efforts to focus on the content.
and use relevant keywords for our products. If we had the funds,
we would use a reputable SEO agency to review our website and contribute to its improvement
traffic and search rankings. We think that there is an opportunity for a lot bigger

But the funds are very limited. We would like to find an SEO agency that would agree to forego a monthly fee or down payment for 50% of the increase in revenue resulting from the campaign they have developed. We allowed them to monitor traffic and conversions through our Google Analytics account.

We conducted a search and found that some companies offered performance-based SEO services.
My question – Would a company or a reputable person be interested in this type of arrangement? I think so, because of the potentially high reward.

I hope to hear what others think about the likelihood of finding a quality SEO company or someone willing to work on that basis.

Thank you.