Question about the web application [on hold]

I'm thinking of creating a simple web application that allows users to store information about jobs in the region and retrieve stored data. I'm not familiar with web development, but I thought it would be a fun project. Since I am not very familiar with languages, I try to keep the deployment time relatively short by learning the smallest and simplest of languages. At the moment, I'm thinking of using a server on a digital ocean droplet running the Ubuntu 18.10 server. I plan to configure it as a LAMP server by manually installing the individual services (apache, mysql, etc.). What I do not know, is if it's enough to display a simple page, ask a user to enter data into fields and send it. to the database, then allow the page to also retrieve data. Until now, the list of languages ​​to learn is: html / css to display the web page, mysql to store data and php to send and retrieve data in the mysql database. Does that sound right?