Quit Liquid Web after doubling my monthly fee. Best suggestions?

Previously, I worked at WiredTree and my plan is modest, with a budget of $ 50 per month, which includes WHM with CPanel for account management. My server is still on CentOS 6 and I have recently completed a migration application to CentOS 7. One of their technical support staff m contacted me. He informed me that once the migration was complete, my account would increase by $ 49 / month for $ 99 / month.

I only host about 25 accounts and do not do a lot of traffic. With WHM, I added Scriptaculous so that customers could install anything.

Looking at the hosts who can offer me something similar for around $ 50, KnownHost seems to be the current favorite. I will also need to migrate everything from Liquid Web to where I am going.

Anyone have any other suggestions?