r – Dictionaries with quanteda

I would like to check if the text of a variable contains some geographical reference. I have created a dictionary with all the municipalities I’m interested in. My goal would be to have a dummy variable capturing whether the text of the variable includes any word included in the dictionary. Can you help me with that? I know it isprobably very easy but I’m struggling to do it.

This is my basic code


y <- read_excel("Municipalities.xls")
x <- read.csv("PQs.csv", stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
corpusPQs <- corpus(x, text_field = "description")
corpusMun <- corpus(y, text_field = "name")
corpusMun_l <- as.list(corpusMun)
dictGeo <- dictionary(corpusMun_l)
geoDfm <- dfm(corpusPQs, dictionary = dictGeo)

Thank you very much