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Beginning of the project: 25.03.19

Radiant system

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	<br /><span style=Investment plans:

Lighting plan

Min. amount: $ 20
Max. amount: $ 1000
Term: 60 days
Profit: 3% per day
The deposit is included in the payments

Medium plan

Min. amount: $ 1000
Max. amount: $ 5,000
Term: 60 days
Profit: 6% per day
The deposit is included in the payments

Heavy plan

Min. amount: $ 5,000
Max. amount: unlimited
Term: 60 days
Profit: 9% per day
The deposit is included in the payments

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	<span style=withdrawals: moment

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin

Affiliate program: Level 3: 5% -2% -1% [/B][/SIZE]

Technology. characteristics:

– Domain: NameCheap, Inc., 2019-03-22 – 2020-03-22
– Hosting: Dancom Ltd
– SSL: GeoTrust TLS RSA CA G1 DigiCert Inc, valid March 22, 2019 – April 21, 2019
– Script: Gold Coders – the license is

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Our deposit

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