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I added a wordpress blog on my site, added canonical URLs, submitted to Bing and Google Webmaster Tools, added over 100 backlinks and I did not have page rankings. The site is a little old and I did not add too many pages, and I recovered configuration problems where many pages went to the wrong page 404 … But I added wordpress to the sites several times can see a transparent problem, wondering if anyone has any tips for the world pages to be filed soon.

I've even confirmed that the pages of the site existed with an RSS feed in the tools for webmasters bing, but that will not even rank in bing when I type in the site: tracking domain dot com

Ideas? Anything that could help, I lost a lot of ranking on an old blog that I had used for my professional page, and then I closed it because I decided to merge everything together. in one site and to transfer some links between them. worse, and none of my new wordpress pages ranks after 30 days …