Ranking Page # 1 on Google

So, recently, I've ranked some of my sites with average competition keywords in the first page of Google, and the way I do it is pretty simple.

Basically, what I do generates high volumes of quality traffic on my sites. After only 2 weeks of this, I am now receiving a large volume of organic traffic and making sales. For the investment I have made 10 times my money. I plan to target more keywords, then rinse and repeat.

Traffic is the key to ranking. You can spend months and months doing SEO and hope to rank yourself and not get slapped by Google, or you can stay under Google Radar and just drive traffic.

Just visit here, It's where I get my traffic for all my sites. I usually target 6 keywords every 2 weeks and once I got them on page 1, 1 target 6 others. I buy 1 keyword-targeted domain for the 6 keywords. The 6 keywords contain the keyword Target URL.

For example, my domain is – bestfishfood, the target URL c0m focused on "fish food"

Here are some examples of keywords for which I generate traffic: cheap fish food, organic fish food, goldfish food

You had the idea. Of course, you want the search volume to be average. If you try this and do not get page 1, you are using a keyword that is too difficult to categorize. Edit your keyword.