ranking – Rank High Difficulty keyword for new website

How to rank on High Difficulty keyword for new site(with or without targeting low difficulty keyword)

Expert experienced answer requested

(This is follow-up post, the post created because of no answer in previous question)

My site is some months old, in technical domain, have daily visit in 10, I want to rank in high difficulty keyword. I have around 25+ pages, solid content, no copy or no bullshit, 100% genuine, all picture, content original. Out of two of my pages ranked, and one page got to Google Dance.

My question is : Can a new site rank on “High diff keyword?”, Internet forums advice to target “Low difficulty keyword”

  1. Does ranking on “Low difficulty keyword” help anyhow to rank on “High diff keyword”?
  2. Can a new site not rank on “High diff keyword” directly, does ranking with low rank keyword makes any difference?
  3. What will be the process to target “High diff keyword” for a new site, would it have to focus on content without expecting any signal from Google?(actually it’s a distressing part, without result, the bloggers have no faint idea, if he’s going in the right direction, one solution would be “leap of faith”)

Expert answer expected, please answer if someone has experience on the same, have ranked on “High diff keyword” with brand new months old blog.