Razer android phone showing wrong size for the SD card

I have the following setup:

  • Razer Phone 2 (Android Phone)
  • Samsung EVO 128 GB SD card SDXC class 10 (Yellow one)
  • SD Card formatted as internal storage from the Razer phone

After using the phone for couple of months the performance of the phone started to get effected. The I checked and found that the SD card was sowing 256 GB but the card is actually 128 GB.

enter image description here

I have double checked the card physically and it is a 128 GB card.

Now how do I reformat the SD card so that it is corrected (found a video on how to do that) and then copy my data back to the card so that it works as before. The card is encrypted so the copied data will not make sense. But as long as it works after I copy back that will do.

I do not have another card where I can clone this card. I plan to copy to my windows machine, format and then copy-back the content of the card.

Any suggestion on the steps/measures I have to take to have the card corrected and retain the data?