Re-check the file for the project

I would like to know if I understand correctly:
After SER finds a link and fails the reverification test after being placed on the reverification fail list, does the account information associated with those links disappear when the link is purged from that list? of reverification failure?
As far as I know, the answer is no, account information is kept. Is it correct??
I am asking the question because … I am wondering if I take a copy of a failed file at the reverification of a project (from my backups) which is filled with links (which have been purged) and replace the (now) dump again file of failure list for a project, after the links (on this list) have already been purged by failing to re-test, all links that still end up alive (first failed to re-test, deleted, then re-pasted via a replacement file) is the account information still in GSA if I want to try to republish on the same sites?
Thank you.