Re-read .ini files in shared hosting (limited) environment

How do I force the system to re-read an ini to apply the change?

My site is remotely hosted through cPanel. It is a shared resources configuration and I don’t have root privilege. I do have considerable rights but not all the way down to the level of Apache administration (for instance.)

In this shared hosting environment the subscribers don’t have access to su, sudo, service, apache2, apache2ctl

These PHP family tools/commands are available with at least –x–x–x privilege:
lsphp, lsphp.cagefs, pear, peardev, pecl, phar.phar, php, php-cgi, php-cgi.cagefs, php-config, php.cagefs, phpize

cPanel provides these gui tools (forgive any overlap with above)
(I understand they don’t necessarily apply to PHP administration)
PHP Pear Packages
MultiPHP INI Editor

terminal (RHE BASH)
a GUI file manager with an editor

Background and impetus:
I’m testing a music hosting package, but for the context of this question I want to remain more general. The name is below.

I’m new at PHP but I have a few years experience as a sysadmin for other systems. That said the PHP ini files used in the music system appear to be rather straightforward and well commented.

I’d like to un-comment a line to see the affect. (no problem, I’ve got the rights and understand the responsibility)

Server Details:
The music server is named “Ampache” – with an “m”