reactjs – Can not display images for the Jumbotron and Mobile Stepper user interface (UI) component

I'm trying to import images from my create-react-app project into a Jumbo-tron and Mobile Stepper user interface component using the Material UI library. All images are imported and exported from an Image.js file component to be transmitted as objects in the designated choice components. Although, when inspecting items, I can detect objects imported into my development tools, the images do not display as expected. In this case of use, all images being imported into the Image.js file come from an images folder in the src / directory.

I've tried using the absolute relative path by placing the static assets (images) in the public folder, but I have encountered the same problem. After reading the documentation, I decided that the import of images would be the best solution for my use case after going into production of my scenario.

import a background from .. / Components / Images & # 39 ;;

return (

Screenshot Jumbo-tron screenshot