reactjs – How to transfer accessories to custom components of React Big Calendar?

I use React Big Calendar with custom event components.

In my custom component, I have to display some buttons that a user can click (via Popover).
The contextual feature works well, but I also want the class that makes BigCalendar to be notified when a click is made on a pop-up button. How can we pass an "onButtonClick" event to my custom component as an accessory?
Here is a simplified version of my code

the class parent extends the component {

popoverButtonClickHandler = (e) => {
// manage the click of the button

render () {
return (

And here is my CustomEvent class

The CustomEvent class extends the {component
render () {
return (

Title of my event: {this.props.title}

) } }

I'm trying to understand how I can pass

onPopoverButtonClick = {this.popoverButtonClickHandler}

to my CustomEvent so that the parent is notified when the button is clicked.

Any ideas how can I achieve this?
Thank you