Recalculate google sheet on demand:

I have the following formula in a sheet:

= if (E1 = "HOLD", query (Cust_Orders! B6: Z5000, "Select Y, G, I, H, K where H> 0"))

E1 being a drop-down menu with HOLD and FETCH values

The recalculation when I go to FETCH takes about 13 seconds.

But when it is waiting, the query is not excised and everything remains empty.
Not what I want.

I try to avoid recalculating this query every time I change the Cust_Orders range, while retaining the old values, because two PivotTables seen by other people depend on it.

The recalculation settings for the Google spreadsheet are all being edited and foo& # 39;

Is there a way to do this?