recommended hardware – Sony alpha A7 as journalism camera / documentalism with photo / video budget?

I need equipment that:
Resistant to intensive use in adverse weather conditions.
Must be as portable and lightweight as possible.
Suitable for professional video production.
Can immediately upload photos to my Android smartphone via wifi or usb.
Adjust to my modest budget.

To date, my equipment consists of: Canon 80d, Tamron 18-400mm f / 3.5-6.3, Yongnuo 50mm f / 1.8, Videomics Røde, Yongnuo Speedlite 568 ex ii.
The 80D is doing its job and, for the rest, it works at the level expected for its price.

I have seen cheap offers for older versions of Sony Alpha A7. It's light, small, good for video and, most importantly, full frame. Its main disadvantage seems to be the life of the battery. 4 shots per second that suits me. And I guess Sony's 24-240mm f / 3.5-6.3 lens would make it a good combo. Should I consider replacing my 80d and its equipment with a Sony A7 kit?