Reduce costs on AWS | Talk Web Hosting

Hi guys,

I've been running a VPS on AWS for about a year. I have an EC2 instance with 200 GB of SSD, 4 GB of RAM and 4 vCPU. I use a cPanel / WHM server on CentOS with about 20 to 30 websites.
I did not have any performance issues with this setup and I'm pretty happy with how it works. But I wonder if it's possible to reduce my costs on AWS?

Currently, I pay about $ 80 per month for this, which is not that bad, but I am not an expert on how AWS works, so I do not know if it 's is possible to reduce costs.

I've heard about prices such as the one-time price, but as far as I know, would not that be useful since I need a 100% uptime?

Thank you