Reduction of complexity: puzzles corresponding to 3 partitions


Hi everybody!

I am doing a thesis on computer complexity for my computer science degree and I have some problems with the accuracy of my statements.

I'm trying to reduce from 3 partition (a problem np) to the mosaic (corresponding board puzzles). and all my supervisor had to say about it was that there were some technical inaccuracies in the theoretical material, especially the more abstract and abstract parts, but probably not easy to correct in the limited time. What worries me a bit.

I guess it means the part of where I make my reduction. (pg 10). but that could be the statements I made about P and NP earlier (which confuses me since I used sources … did I misinterpret something ???)
I would like some help for my reduction (pg. 10+), and if you can, just a quick read of the previous topic (pg.6 – 10).

thank you very much I appreciate you taking your time to read this.

NOTE: The spacing in my document is wide enough and I do not require you to read everything, just the reduction bit. it would be useful to read a few pages before, but that's not my main concern.