reference request – Explicit homotopy of the chain for the Alexander-Whitney couple, Eilenberg-Zilber

Let $ A $ and $ B $ to be abelian simplicial groups, and let $ N_ ast (-) $ denotes the complex complex chain normalizer. Let
$$ AW_ {A, B} colon N_ ast (A otimes B)
longrightarrow N_ ast (A) otimes N_ ast (B) $$

$$ EZ_ {A, B} colon N_ Ast (A) otimes N_ Ast (B)
longrightarrow N_ ast (A otimes B) $$

denote the Alexander-Whitney map
and the Eilenberg-Zilber map, respectively.
Does anyone know an explicit chain homotopy realizing
$$ EZ_ {A, B} cir AW_ {A, B} sim Id_ {N_ Ast (A otimes B)}. $$

The motivation for its existence can be found in the comments of this question.