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I work on a small start-up business. And, as you can imagine, the money is tight!

Currently, I have 3 e-mail addresses provided with my VPS.

For security reasons, I want to use ProtonMail, but unfortunately, I find it a bit expensive for the plan I want.

They currently offer a "professional" plan that would allow me to have an encrypted email using my own domain name. The problem is that it costs $ 8 a month and they tell me that I should pay for a separate user account if I want my 3 e-mail addresses to be separated.

I would like to have:, and

So for that to happen, I would end up paying $ 96 a year and per courier account for a total of nearly $ 300. (It's a lot of money when I do not even know if my business will survive its first year of business.)

So that brings me to my question …

ProtonMail's support told me that I could instead opt for their "Plus" package, which would consist of a single account (that is, an inbox) while allowing up to $ 30. at 5 "aliases" e-mail addresses.

They tell me that with the "Plus" account, I could use filters to organize all emails arriving in the same account and split them into separate folders. And when I asked them to respond to customers, they assured me that when the aliased email was answered, it would be populated in the "To:" field. I could respond to an email and look like it came from cat @ mycompany. com

Is there any reason why I would NOT choose this more affordable option that uses "alias" email addresses?

My biggest fear is that mail servers and spam filtering software, and to a lesser extent, "investigative" clients, can not look at the email headers and determine that all of these Different email addresses actually come from a single email account. In my turn, I risk being put on an unwanted mail list or losing the trust of customers, because it seems that I'm preparing something "fishy" ?!

What do you think of all this and what do you think I should do?

They have a sale going on until Friday (tomorrow) and I'm interested in getting paid for ProtonMail, but I do not know which option is the most logical ?!

thank you,