Reinstall MacOS (High Sierra) with a terminal

This may be an open question:

I want to perform a reinstallation of the operating system of High Sierra, but prevent it from converting the disk to APFS format. This would require terminal use with this command section executed:

--converttoapfs NO

added after the location of the High Sierra installation file.

I have software problems and I want to perform a reinstallation via the command + R startup procedure. I upgraded to version 13.6 without converting to APFS. I want to solve this problem and reinstall while keeping my disk in HFS +. I have some technical knowledge, sufficient to solve most of the problems by myself, but that's one thing I would prefer to solve with more guidance and guidance.

Therefore, what is the best method to do this?

  • Reinstall High Sierra normally in the office and terminal?
  • Re-install in the UEFI MacOS using a terminal?
  • Another method I did not think of / do not know

Any answer and help would be very appreciated.

Thank you Meriones.