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We are currently looking for experienced and highly motivated sales and marketing representatives.


Must have a verifiable sales / marketing experience in the hospitality industry. Contacts with dedicated server and cloud / vps providers are definitely an advantage.

No technical expertise required This is strictly a sales / marketing position.


Compensation is tailored to the experience and ability to meet negotiated and accepted expectations prior to hiring.

how to register

Do not answer here and do not send MP. Please send your resume to with the following information:
At least 3 job references. Must be registered businesses and can not be a business you own.
Your goals / expectations in relation to what you think you can offer
Your salary expectations.

Presentation of the company

Platinum Server Management, widely known in this industry as PSM, is the pioneer in providing comprehensive and low-cost server management and monitoring services. For over 15 years, we have been the oldest, largest and most reliable server management provider in the United States.

In our company, we are very proud of our diverse and talented workforce. We recognize that our continued success as a business depends largely on the collective strengths of our employees. We recruit, hire, train and promote people in all job titles and ensure that all other actions of personnel are managed without distinction of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, gender identity, veteran status or disability.