replace by fee – How many wallets allow the user to change outputs for RBF transaction?

I have not tried this option but read about it on twitter:

Not sure maybe this is the code that creates a transaction with different outputs which replaces an unconfirmed RBF transaction:

How many other wallets do you know that allow the users to cancel an unconfirmed transaction in a similar way?

Creates an RBF transaction that can replace previous one and basically cancel it (rewrite output to the one our wallet controls). Note, this cannot add more utxo in RBF transaction if newFeerate is too high

I didn’t understand the last part. Why can’t it add more utxo if newFeerate is too high?

@param newFeerate {number} Sat/byte. Should be greater than previous tx feerate

BIP 125 mentions that fee rate and fees both should be higher. So, is higher fee rate enough for replacement tx even if absolute fees is less?