Reseller or VPS – What is the best option?

Hello everyone,

In order to revive the web hosting business, should we prefer a managed vps server or a reseller hosting service?

What makes me confused is that, with many reseller hosting providers, most reseller hosting providers do not have an overall RAM, CPU limit and say, for example, that 20% of CPU / 1 GB of RAM per cpanel account. In this case, if we get 10 clients, they can all consume 10 GB of RAM!

With VPS – If I get a vps with for example 3 GB of RAM, this amount is shared globally with all customers under me? 3 customers with 1 GB of use can block everything.

With a cPanel reseller provider, I can create multiple accounts, each with a separate 1 GB (in most cases) physical ram quota specified in cPanel.

I hope that someone will clarify the concept and will also provide advice.