Retrieving the CTB from registration information without wallet.dat

is there a way to recover my CTB from the registration process?

In general, there is no registration procedure for buying or extracting bitcoins, or for most types of bitcoin portfolios. Certainly not in 2009.

I started mining in March 2009, I remember my registration.

There is no registration process for mining. At least not in Bitcoin software of January 2009 published by Satoshi Nakamoto.

At that time, I imagined that mining would have placed all the extracted coins at an address controlled by the private key into a wallet on your PC, for which only you would have held the password.

Registration for a custodian portfolio service (trading / exchange service)

There may have been a registration process if you had a "custodial" portfolio, a type of portfolio in which you made arrangements with a third party to manage your portfolio on your behalf. There are many companies of this type, all different. In this case, you will need to contact the company with which you have registered. That would not have been the case in March 2009, but perhaps in the coming years you have engaged with a custodian holding company to use its trading services? (In any case, this paragraph may be useful for later researchers who find this question because the problem is expressed in the title).

there are sleeping address lists, can they be used to recover my BTC?

No. To regain control of the BTC, you need the private key stored in the wallet. The address is not enough.