Review: a google drive video player | NewProxyLists

Hello all:

After a few months of success on our main website and helping thousands of users deliver limited google drive files on direct download links , we start our new sister site made for google drive video files.

We are an online video player for google video files with following features:

  1. Anti limit bypass for google drive video.
  2. Multi resolution support.
  3. Multi subtitles support.
  4. Custom preview image.
  5. Control panel to edit your own links without any need to change the links you add to your website.
  6. Views counts for every video.
  7. Backed with the same download load-balancer behind GDBypass (GDBypass now reach 200 TB download bandwidth per day.

Also when we go out of beta stage we will provide premium feature with following option:

  1. Custom domain name for player help you completely white-label you video origin.
  2. Custom video player.
  3. Free ads player.
  4. Extra option let you offer download option for your visitors (Download multi resolution version of video + download the source video up-to 100 GB per video)

Feel free to register and share your videos with us: