Review this Amazon ebook cover maker please, very easy to use

Review this Amazon ebook cover maker please, very easy to use

I have made this ebook cover maker:

I have attached a sample book cover it made, (made it small for this site), actual size made is large for Amazon and is according to Amazon size requirements.

Its very easy to use. You can just click on “Styles and colors” link of the element you want to edit, select new settings, and then move to next one.
Finally, click “Make cover” button and cover will be made, ready to be uploaded on Amazon.
You can view it in different sizes to make sure it looks good on all amazon pages. Thumb, product page, zoomed.

You can do various things, like:
Change colors, fonts, and size of elements,
You can position them using “margin” value.
You can make the picture as full background, and write text on top of the image, like photoshop.
Or, you can position picture above or below titles.
Text layers can be made into gradient or rainbow coloring, and can have shadows if you like.

To do gradient in text, simply give 2 or more colors. One main color of element, plus one or more additional colors.
Starting from main color, text will be made gradient, transforming into other colors you gave.
This sample image has main red color in title, and 3 others (blue, orange, and green)
There is a color selector next to each color value box.
Right now, I have only allowed gradient/rainbow in main title.
Shadows and emboss and backgrounds are allowed in secondary title also.

Its suited to work on mobile also, but small mobile screen will not give you complete idea of things.

If pixelation happens, then please remove the emboss/shadow styles and try without those.
Gradient coloring should be fine.

Please review and let me know