root access – help to finish termux set up to install ubuntu

I want to mine sugar on my android phone
can someone help a simple complete coding. especially to complete method 1 or two, whichever works.

thanks in advance


installed f-droid and termux


pkg install automake clang git vim

press y to continue

clone git

when its done,

i enter

  • $ cd sugarmaker/
    -/sugarmaker $ ./

it says bash: no such file or directory


these two methods i tried each of them on both phones
on method 2 on when i get here it keeps saying error on huawei y pro phone and huawei p20 lite

pkg udate

press y to continue

pkg upgrade

press y to continue

pkg install git

pkg install wget

press y to continue

pkg install proot
press y to continue

git clone

problem start here on p20 lite

-$ cd termux-ubuntu

-/termux-ubuntu $ ./

it says decompressing ubuntu image, but this does not look like a trz archive

making star ubuntu excutable. you can now launch ubuntu with ./ scrpt.

and it shows code 404 like the link to the image is not working also