root access – on Android 9 How do I get an audit going back some 10 days about a process that deleted some internal data

I am magiskally rooted on my Android phone running version 9 MIUI 11. In fact I moved toMIUIJust a week ago. Had This phone has a replacement of my lost AT&t phone since couple of months and initially installed custom GSI ROM which did not support many frequencies here so moved to stock.

About 5 days ago my entire WhatsApp internal data the most important of which is the msgstore.db file was cleaned out.

was extremely sceptical of MIUI vis-a-vis cleanliness & privacy is concerned and was trying to figure out how to to disable certain MIUI components which I could confirm were spyware.
And then this tragedy happened.
I would like to know which process has done this. I did not disable at that time the cleaner app – now it’s disabled.


Is there any way to dig out which process cleaned out my phone I am about just a week away from when this incident happened

What I did
Looked up the logcat but I can’t beyond a few days.

what else will tell me the story ? I have USB debugging enabled