rooting – the power button no longer allows to turn on / off the screen – applications do not solve the problem properly, can not turn off the phone for the rooter, to help !

I threw my phone in the water the other day and the power button stopped working. What is strange is that I can force the phone to reboot while holding the power + volume down, it's just the power button that does not seem to work.

I have tried various applications to remap the function on the power button, but they are insufficient in one way or another (usually, it stops working after a few minutes of time). 39; inactivity).

I have seen methods to remap the power button on the volume button directly, but this requires root access. Of course, it's a problem because I have to completely turn off the phone (which I could do with the Tasker application), but I'm not sure if I can turn it back on again.

Is there any way to force the phone to start in download mode with the Tasker application? I can see that I can restart with the types "Normal", "Recovery", "Bootloader" and "Stop". Is the "Bootloader" type just another name for the download mode?

Forgot to mention on the phone – it's a Samsung A6