router – Unknown hostname for the hosts on the same LAN

I am not very experienced in networking. However, i know some fundamentals.

Now, I do have one Raspberry Pi and one laptop connected to same WiFi in my home.

The hostnames are raspberrypi and laptop1.

When I check (modem interface) I can see that both devices are connected to wifi, and their hostnames are correctly identified there.

The ip numbers are:



Then I think that if I make a ping from my laptop, addressing raspberrypi, as follows

ping raspberrypi 

The DNS should resolve name raspberrypi to the ip ( and it should work fine. However, that is not the case. I get unknown host raspberrypi warning.

On the other hand, I am able to ping raspberrypi by ping

This is also valid for ssh or nslookup, etc.

I don’t understand why my router cannot resolve those hostnames and let my pc know about it.

I think I might have some conceptual misunderstanding. So, I will be waiting for any help.