rules – Drupal 8 – Do not send email after updating content

I've created a new kind of content with a field of E-mail. In this field I put the email address of the person I want.

The case is:
I want every time the node of this type of content is updated, send an email to the address specified in the email field.

With the Rules module, I can not find an appropriate way to make it work because the rules are at a very early stage of development.

There are two problems with the rules:
1st – I have created a simple action to send an email each time the node is updated. It's good work. When I create a condition "The node is of type" and I select only one type of content, the action of sending email always works for all types of content.

2nd – I can not find any appropriate method for what is supposed to write in the recipient field in order to send the email to the address indicated in the email field.

Can someone help? Thoughts?

Thank you!