Running Bitcoin (full node main lady) on IPFS vs NFS?

I've tried running several Bitcoin daemons simultaneously on an NFS solution (ie LizardFS) using XFS instead of ext4. It only reached about 60% of its potential before all the demons crashed. This potential of 60% is under no circumstances thoroughly tested and is against the local use of SSD storage. I could run about 100 locally before problems occur and 60 on LizardFS before they all crash. I guess this was due to the write times on a network, even though the speed was in the order of 20 MB. All processors, system memory and file system formats were the same between my two tests.

I am curious to know if running Bitcoin on IPFS is similar to local media stability and how that compares to my LizardFS experience. This is particularly useful for cloud computing because the storage portion of the equation can be (almost) completely removed.